Red Brand Yard, Garden and Kennel Fence, ideal dog fence and also widely used for poultry fencing

Red Brand Yard, Garden and Kennel Fence

A specially designed product for many garden fence projects including dog fencing and chicken fencing. The rigid stay construction makes the fence easy to install and has a smooth side making it a very safe fence for the garden environment.

In order to protect your yard, garden, pets or small livestock, choose a fence that provides durability, reliability, good looks, and one that can be installed on all types of terrain. In addition, consider a fence style that is designed to withstand pressure and movement. The fence should be strong enough to contain the largest animal inside the enclosure. But, it must also have a mesh design tight enough to stop small animals from entry or escape. Red Brand's Yard, Garden & Kennel (YG&K) fence meets all the criteria for a superior solution. Our fence is designed with 2" x 2" spacing, making it ideal for protecting pets and property. The woven construction features our exclusive Square Deal® Knot, which means the fence won't sag or buckle. Designed to flex on impact, the knotted mesh won't break like welded wire, providing a safe, secure and long-lasting enclosure. The tight weave holds snug to line wires, resulting in extra strength and rigidity. This will deter predator penetration while safeguarding yards, gardens, toddlers and pets. YG&K is also ideal for kennels. Plus, the smooth side of the knot assures that animals or toddlers won't be scratched when brushing against the side of the fence. YG&K has a galvanized finish that prevents rust for a long-lasting durability. It's also an excellent alternative to chain link fencing which can be bulky and expensive.